New age-borderless economy and its impact on international relations

Research Proposal: New age-borderless economy & its impact on international relations:

Objective: The new economy is boundary less and is international due to advances in communication technology. This is a study of how outsourcing of economic activity to other countries has helped benefit the developing world, its impact on relationships with countries where the processes originated. A case study of what are the possible benefits of leveraging human capital to improve transnational relations.

English speaking populations world wide had the unique opportunity to grow and access economic benefits which would otherwise be inaccessible. A feasibility study of how languages like English and others like Japanese, French, Spanish or any significant international language can contribute to economic growth and develop larger societies. A comparative study of direct impact of the policies that enable international trade, impact of US trade policies on Asian economies, relationship between language education and income parity in Asian countries (India, Phillipines, Singapore, Japan).

Methodology: Identify societies which have a natural affinity to a particular international language. Study if the existing education model provides for using language skills as economic tools and build a case study or simulation on what changes were made to facilitate such a transformation highlighting the differentiating economic benefit.
Study differences in economic opportunities available to populations that are mono lingual with multilingual populations.

  • Map changes in GDP per capita income growth as a result of application of a foreign language as a tool that provided economic benefit. (India & Philippines).
  • Study any possible change in relationship between countries as a result of knowledge trade (IT, ITES, KPO, BPO). Study both positive and negative changes.
  • Research how favourable international trade policies can have long term impact on development, peace, crime rate, Trade as a strategic tool to offset conflict.

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