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How to describe things? easy ESL lesson plan

Describing things is a lesson plan that I have used in the classroom here. It is a necessary lesson for ESL students. Many of the high-school students who have a very limited ability to communicate in English need to learn how to describe things. It can be broken down in to 2 simple sentences. The difference between the two sentences that describe things in a basic way has to be made abundantly clear. Repetition of exercises would help improve the retention of the target language. This is one of the many ways you (English ESL teachers) can deliver this lesson.

ESL Lesson plan – Describing things

Objective: To get the students to describe things in English.
Duration: 50 min
Materials required: A marker and a board. the classroom with more than 3 students would be great.
step 1: Introduce the words relevant to this topic to the students. Ask them what shape is a thing you have, you could use anything handy.
Step 2: Write the words Shape | Size | dimension | material | color on the board.
elicit the meaning of each of these words.
Step 3: Introduce different shapes, sizes, materials and color. Elicit the meaning of each term such as “large” “medium-sized”, “small” under the heading “size”.
Do that for “Shape” – “round”, “rectangular”, “square”, “triangular”, “cylindrical”, “spherical” etc.
Elicit “dimensions” – words like “high”, “wide” and “deep”. Then elicit “material” – “wood”, “metal”, “glass”.
Elicit “material” – words like “wood”, “metal”, “glass”, “leather”, “cotton”, “concrete” etc.
Ask the students to repeat these words a few times.
step 4: Show an object to the class and say the sentence below.
“It is a basket ball”
It is round. It is Orange in color.  repeat this a few times.Now show different objects and ask for shape, size and material. Now ask students to describe a phone. Help and repeat a few times till the students can independently describe objects.
Step 5: Draw a smart phone on the board and ask a student to describe the phone and write 3 sentences describing the phone on the board. Finally ask the students to describe any three things in their notebooks.

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