board work for lesson plan on Family

lesson plan on Family with board work

Lesson plan on family for lower grades

This lesson plan on family is very easy to implement in a classroom of up to 50 students. I’ve used it in my class of 40+ students. It works well with new learners of English. I’ve explained how to improvise your lesson plan right after the plan. It’s necessary to be prepared for unforeseen situations.

Learning Objective
By the end of the lesson students should be able to:
1. Be able to talk about Family
2. Be familiar with words for family members.
3. Use words related to introduction such as “Family” in context.
4. Work with fellow students in groups


Word lists for Family.
Examples from the text book etc.

White board, markers and worksheets from the workbook.


Elicit Family from the students. (5 min)
Practice saying “…is my Father/Mother..”, (5 min)
Ask the students to draw a family tree in the class. (10 min)
Ask the students to talk about their families. (10 Min)
Put all the elicited sentences on the board. (5 min)
Ask students to say who is in their family(10 min)
Finally, get them to write their introductions in a notebook . (5 min)

Board work for lesson plan on family

board work for lesson plan on Family
board work for lesson plan on Family

How to adapt the lesson plan to your situation

Often times, a teacher has to change the lesson plan based on classroom dynamics. Students have different levels of ability and sometimes it may be higher or lower than expected. In such situations a teacher has to increase or decrease the level of difficulty of lesson being taught. You can introduce more variables or sentences to the existing ones. I’ve presented the most basic lesson on family. To increase the difficulty level, add relationships to the plan. For example

who is your father’s brother to you?

expected answer : Uncle

If you need to further simplify this lesson to suit absolute beginners or novices, use flashcards or picture cards for family. I highly recommend using to find flashcards. You can present each flashcard and elicit the word. It is a very effective teaching method. It works great with Asian students from China, Thailand and immigrant kids from these countries in USA or Canada. Since they have no prior experience of the language, pictures work well. Choose colorful and exciting flashcards that students can relate to.

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