board work for this lesson - forget-remember

Lesson plan – Forget – Remember

Lesson plan for forget / remember

To get the students to use “forget” and “remember” in their own sentences.
Duration: 50 min
Materials: White board, chalk/markers, some students
Step 1: Write the words “Did you forget ___________? ”

Elicit the meaning of the word – forget. Get the students to give you the word for “forget” in their language.
Get the students to say the word a few times. Then write a few variables.
“the keys”
“the notebook”
“the wallet”
“the pencil case”
“to do the homework”
” to buy a water-bottle ”
” feed the cat”

board work for this lesson - forget-remember
board work for this lesson – forget-remember

Step 2 : Use the variables in the question. ” Did you forget the keys?”. Answer the question and say “Yes, I forgot the keys” repeat this question and answer a few times. After that ask a few students, try to get an answer from the students.
Step 3: Ask a couple of students to stand up and ask and answer the question . Check for the right form. Repeat the process and ask a few more students.
Step 4: Next have one student ask another and check for any errors. Do this with at least 10% of the class population.
Step 5: Ask the students to write 5 example question and answers with the target language.
Do all the steps with “do you remember ____________?”
“Yes I remember __________?” or “no I don’t remember.”

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