adjectives - how to use them?

Learn adjectives fast exercises handouts

Learn adjectives fast with exercises and handouts

Adjectives are words that describe or give more information about nouns.
They can be classified into many types. Whatever group they may be classified into their form is similar. Adjectives add information about a noun such as shape, color, size, material, origin, taste etc. They do not modify verbs and adverbs or other adjectives.

Learn how to use adjectives correctly?

Adjectives are placed before a noun.
Adjectives are placed after “be” verbs.

Let’s look at these examples

A black sheep. (adj. before a noun)
The sheep is black. (adj. after “be” form “is”)

A round basketball.
The basketball is round

That is a flat TV.
The flat TV.

What are different types of adjectives?

The types of adjectives are: descriptive, possessive, demonstrative, interrogative, or indefinite.

Descriptive adjectives are words that describe qualities such as color, shape, size, taste etc.

Possessive adjectives are [My, your, our, his, her, its, their] They show possession of some noun.

    • Take my car.
    • It’s her coat.
    • why don’t you read your answers?
    • They are visiting our class.

Demonstrative adjectives are Рthis, that, these and those.  (The demonstrative pronoun takes the place of the noun phrase. These same words can be demonstrative adjectives) The demonstrative adjective is always followed by a noun.

  • This (modifies singular nouns/pronouns)
  • That (modifies singular nouns/pronouns)
  • These (modifies plural nouns/pronouns)
  • Those (modifies plural nouns/pronouns)


  • These headphones are not very loud.
  • Those cars are vintage.
  • This ice-cream has almonds.
  • That actor is from the USA.

Interrogative adjectives are the following words. They are used to ask questions. They are placed before a noun or noun phrase.

  • What
  • Which
  • where
  • How
  • Whose
  • Why


  • What games do you play?
  • Which countries in the world have lions?
  • Whose books are these?
  • Where do you have your coffee?
  • How was the movie?
  • Why don’t helicopters have wings?

Indefinite adjectives
are words like [All, each, every, several, someone, somebody, anything, everyone, everything, few, many] They are used to show uncertainty, there is nothing specific when these words are used, for example some birds means “not specific” birds. These words can also be indefinite pronouns. indefinite means not definite; without fixed or specified limit.

examples of indefinite adjectives:

  • He has many cars in his garage.
  • There are few Japanese restaurants in rural England.
  • Some Indian dishes are available everywhere in Scotland.

List of commonly used adjectives of sound, taste and size

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