How to check the status of Thai teaching license or renewal

Check Status of Thai Teaching license renewal

Where to check status of Thai Teaching License?

To check the status of your Thai Teaching license you need to use the link below. It takes you to Khurusapha or Teachers council of Thailand.

On the Khurusapha website you type in the passport number in the third column as shown in the picture below.

How to check the status of Thai teaching license or renewal
How to check the status of Thai teaching license or renewal

How to renew license for foreign teachers in Thailand?

All Teachers in Thailand must have a license to teach. Khurusapha or Teachers council of Thailand issues Teaching license or temporary permits. To get a license you must have at least a bachelors degree and a one year study leading to a diploma or certificate in Education/ graduate degree in Education. If you don’t have a degree in education or additional teacher qualifications they let you teach by giving a temporary permit or waiver. You can get up to 3 temporary permits and each time you get one it is valid for 2 years.

After the third time, the teacher is expected to submit proof of additional qualifications with a minimum of 1 year study leading to a certificate or diploma in education.

The new procedure to renew license online explained

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions and the problems of mobility, Khurusapha (TCT) now wants schools to apply for 13 digit member number for all foreign teachers and submit their application online. This is new and is effective March 2020. This announcement is in Thai but you could use google translate. The announcement says they will stop processing licenses over the counter. The entire process is now online and the license can be downloaded.
Schools that are in the KSP system can do it faster.

I got my latest license  in about 48 hours. My school did it real fast. I greatly appreciate the back up plan and the professionalism displayed by the Teachers council of Thailand. I hope this article was helpful to those who were looking to renew their license during the virus tragedy.

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