Cinderella story telling script

Cinderella story telling script

Cinderella story telling script

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Cinderella story telling script
Cinderella story telling script

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Cinderella Chapter 1 Invitation to a Ball

Stepmother : Cinderella! (shouted!) come and dean my bedroom at once. Cinderella: Yes, stepmother. (She called from the kitchen where she was making lunch.) My stepsisters had ordered their usual revolting dishes.

Cinderella : (She picked up her broom and made her way to the stairs. But her stepsisters were blocking the way.)

Griselda : (Stepsisterl) What’s Little Cinders doing today then?(teased Griselda)

Grimella : (Stepsister2) She’s sweeping away cobwebs, like a servant. (sneered Grimella)

Griselda : Get on with it then, servant girl! Stepmother : (Cinderella’s stepmother appeared) Griselda, Grimella, she cried. I have the most exciting news. The Prince is giving a Christmas Ball and you’re invited. We’ll dress you in the finest clothes. Only the best for my beautiful darlings.

Cinderella : (Cinderella gripped her broom hard. “May I go to the Ball as well?” (She asked)

Stepmother : (Scared whisper) You? Go to the Ball? You must be joking. You belong in the Kitchen.

Chapter 2 A surprise visit
Two stepsisters : We’ll be most beautiful girls there. (Chorused)
Stepmother : I’m sure the Prince will want to marry one of you (proundly) Now, Cinderella as a special treat and since it’s nearly Christmas.

Cinderella : Yes? (Cinderella cried)

Stepmother : You may help Griselda and Grimella choose their dresses.

Stepsisters : Don’t we look gorgeous! (they shrieked) We’ll be the finest Ladies at the Ball.

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