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Mathayom Lesson plan How often do you

Lesson plan How often do you for Mathayom

This is an ESL lesson plan you could use to teach “how often do you_______?” with variables.
It is good for a 50 min lesson in a typical Thai school. This lesson plan can be changed to suit your students in any ESL class in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Bolivia or just about any place. Mathayom means middle school and high school in Thailand.

Objective : To get the students to use “how often do you ….?” and respond appropriately using the right language.
Duration: 50 min
Materials required: board, marker/chalk and students.
Method :
Step 1 (5 Min)
Write “How often do you ________” at the top of the board. Elicit “how often do you ______?”.

It is quite likely that you may not be getting any response to your question “how often do you ______?” You could try asking the question and then replying yourself by counting on your fingers.

“How often do you brush your teeth?” Elicit “brush your teeth”.
“I brush my teeth two times a day” write this on the board.

Elicit more variables such as the one below and write them in a separate column on the board.

board work – Lesson plan how often

“go shopping”
“have breakfast”
“buy clothes”
“ride a bike”

Step 2 : (5 min)  Demonstrate the dialogue a few times (at least 3 times). Then ask a student to stand up and then ask

“How often  do you exercise?”

Elicit an answer. Ask more students one after the other. Let the students observe and listen to their peers answering.

Step 3 : (10 min) Ask 2 students to stand up, ask and answer each other. Repeat this several times.

Step 4 :(15 Min)  Now ask a student to write the question “how often do you go shopping?” on the board and ask him to give the marker to another student who’d have to come to the board and write the answer. Repeat this activity till you have covered almost every student.

Step 5: (15min) Ask the students to write the question with their own variables. Ask them to think and write about anything they do a number of times.

Step 6: Thank the class sign the roster and leave.

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board work for the lesson on how often in an ESL class at a Thai public school in Sakon Nakhon Thailand
ESL Teacher using this lesson plan in a real classroom at Thatnaraiwittaya school Sakon Nakhon Thailand

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