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Krooscott teaching English Mathayom 4
Krooscott teaching English Mathayom 4

English lessons are made with a focus on beginners. Students from South-east Asia, Latin America and Asia pacific will find it especially useful. English teachers in Thailand, Korea and China often have to make lesson plans suitable to local students. Keeping this in mind, some of the plans presented are tailored for teachers in high schools and other educational institutions with higher density of students per class.

In Thailand, teachers are required to submit a set of lesson plans every semester. You could use these lesson plans print them out and submit. I have taught many of these lessons in a real class at a Thai public school.
There is a deliberate pattern in the sequence of these lessons. I have tried to emulate the natural process of learning any language.

To succeed as a teacher is one of the most difficult tasks. While I put in all the resources I can think of and to facilitate smooth delivery of learning experience, all comments and suggestions are welcome. They are invaluable to the growth of learning experience we can provide as teachers.

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